PeerJ: Award winning Open Access publisher for the biomedical sciences

01/11/2014 libadmin@2013 News

With scholars like Jason Hoyt, Tim O’Reilly and Peter Binfield on the governing board, PeerJ has evolved as an award winning an Open Access publisher of scholarly articles in the field of biomedical sciences. PeerJ says they aim to drive the costs of publishing down, while improving the overall publishing experience, and providing authors with a publication venue suitable for the 21st Century. Their tag line is: “Your Peers, Your Science. Academic Publishing Is Evolving” and they are committed to improving the process of scholarly publishing.

PeerJ has two publications serving the Biological and Medical sciences: “PeerJ” (a peer-reviewed academic journal) and “PeerJ PrePrints” (an innovative ‘preprint server’). Authors pay for a lifetime publishing plan, which gives them the ability to publish their articles with us for free.

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