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bioRxiv: Biology Pre-print Repository

11/13/2013 libadmin@2013 News

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) launches pre-print server for biology “bioRxiv“. It aims the server to be the biologists’ version of the popular pre-print server arXiv, where physicists have shared their draft manuscripts for more than twenty years. The goal is to speed the dissemination of research and give scientists a way to get feedback on their […]


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Chemical Sciences Article Repository by RSC

11/12/2013 libadmin@2013 News

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) announces a new repository for the chemical sciences. This new subject-based repository is aimed at making it easier for researchers to find and share relevant journal articles and data from a single point of access. This repository will offer free-to-access chemistry publications and integrated data in a single place. With this […]


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