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Library General Use Policies

Please know…..

  1. Registration to use the library facility and services is automatic for the faculties and staff upon joining the institute; for students upon registration for the courses.
  2. Institute’s valid ID Card is required for entering into library; and it should be shown to the security guards posted in library;
  3. The security guard will also check all personal belongings including library books borrowed by a user.
  4. Personal books and reading material are not allowed inside library. They have to be deposited at the property counter.
  5. Sanctity of library should be respected by maintaining silence in and around library premises.
  6. Use of mobile phones, music players and cameras, and sleeping inside library is strictly prohibited.
  7. Eatables are not allowed inside library.
  8. Sleeping inside the library premises is strictly prohibited.
  9. You are requested to strictly adhere to fair use policy of electronic resources and respect and follow the copyright laws of publishers and consortia.
  10. Systematic/robotic downloading and/or distribution of electronic resources are prohibited.
  11. Books and other reading material in library have to be handled with care. Users should not write or make any marks in the library material. Tearing, mutilating and dog-earing of library material are considered as offence.


  1. Have to bring an authorization letter from your institute;
  2. The authorization letter and a valid ID card have to shown in library to use the library services;
  3. Please contact the Deputy Librarian at +91-291-2449038 or email to library@iitj.ac.in for more details.

You are requested to…

  1. Respect and follow library rules and procedures;
  2. Cooperate with library staff;
  3. Feel free to seek assistance;
  4. Maintain discipline and silence;
  5. Help keep the library neat and clean;
  6. Alert us upon misuse of library resources;
  7. Handle library materials with care;
  8. Help us improve by providing your valuable feedback and suggestions to library@iitj.ac.in.
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