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Indent a Book

Suggest Book Purchase

  1. The library, before beginning of each new semester, invites book suggestions from the faculties for their respective courses. Apart from suggesting for the courses taught, the faculties may suggest book purchase to library for reference or research purpose, or for enriching the library collection.
  2. Faculty and Staff Members may use  the IITJ_Book Indent Form (Book Indent Form In XLS Format), to suggest purchase of books to library.
  3. Indenters are requested to kindly fill the form with complete bibliographic details and send a signed hard copy to Library, duly endorsed by Library Committee member of respective Department, or Officer-in-Charge of respective Office.
  4. Students can suggest book purchase through a faculty member. 


Suggest Journal/Database/Magazine Subscription

  1. Subscription to journals/databases/magazines is usually calendar year based.
  2. Request for new subscriptions may be sent to Library Committee member of respective Department or Office-in-Charge of respective Office, who in turn will forward to the Library.
  3. IITJ Library also invites feedback from the faculties regarding the renewals and suggestions for new subscriptions of journals/databases/magazines during the months of October/November every year.
  4. Students can suggest a journal/database/magazine through a Faculty Member.
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