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RemoteXs @ IIT Jodhpur Library

Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur Library has provided a remote access facility to the current Students, Faculty Members, and Staff Members to access the subscribed e-resources from an off-campus location through “RemoteXs” software service.

What is RemoteXs?

RemoteXs is a software service through which one can access the Library subscribed scholarly content from a location other than the IIT Jodhpur campuses. It provides users with a single window access to the digital assets of the Library from a remote location, anywhere, anytime all you need is a working Internet connection.


To facilitate and encourage the use of e-resources at the point of need & use, IIT Jodhpur Library provides an off- campus (remote) access to subscribed e-resources.


  1. Does not require any configuration, operating system or specific devices, to access the e-resources from off-campus.
  2. Compatible with any device and any operating system
  3. Access provided through LDAP credentials
  4. Browse and search facility to explore resources

Who can use the facility?

The following Library members are entitled to use this facility:

  1. Currently registered students,
  2. Faculty Members, and
  3. Staff members

How to log in?

To use this facility, please follow the steps below:

  1. Logon to the IIT Jodhpur Library Website (library.iitj.ac.in);
  2. Go to “Electronic Resources” tab;
  3. Click on “RemoteXs” or follow http://iitj.remotexs.in/user link;
  4. You can log-in with your LDAP credentials and accept the “Usage Policy” (please read the Usage Policy carefully);
  5. Now you are ready to browse your favourite resources.

Please download user guides, in PDF or PPTS

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