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Institutional Memberships

IIT Jodhpur Library is a member of the following institutions. As a part of our membership, patrons can request for books and articles on Inter Library Loan (ILL).

  1. Developing Libraries Network (DELNET): IIT Jodhpur Library is a member of the Developing Libraries Network, New Delhi and has an MoU for arranging books and articles on ILL.
  2. Indian National Digital Library in Engineering, Science & Technology (INDEST): IIT Jodhpur is a core member of INDEST.
  3. Information & Libraries Network (INFLIBNET): This is a UGC Consortium for electronic resources; IIT Jodhpur is an Associate Member of this body.

IIT Jodhpur Library patrons can send their ILL (books) and DDS (articles) requests to library@iitj.ac.in.

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