1. How can I access electronic resources on and off campus?

IIT Jodhpur library subscribes to a wide range of scholarly resources. They are all IP based and can be accessed in the academic and residential campuses of the institute. You can access them in the following ways:

  1. Digital Library Section: The library extension in room no. 1011 serves as the digital library with computer terminals facilitating access to various academic resources, viz., journals, databases etc. This facility is strictly for academic purposes only.
  2. On your laptops/desktops: By connecting to institute LAN/Wi-Fi in academic and residential campuses.
  3. Off-campus access: Please contact Library or logon library website for RemoteXs .

2. How do I find materials in IIT Jodhpur Library?

IIT Jodhpur Library houses a variety of reading materials. You can find them as:

  1. Books: You can search for books, reference & research materials through the Library Catalogue.
  2. Project Reports & Faculty Publications: You can find B.Tech. and M.Tech. Project Reports through the Library Catalogue. Electronic copies of these project reports and faculty publications can also be found in the Institutional Digital Repository through Library Catalogue.
  3. Journals & Databases: The library subscribes to a wide range of scholarly journals/databases from various reputed sources, which can be accessed from E-Journals & Databases.

3. How do I locate materials in the library?

  • Books in IIT Jodhpur Library are arranged subject wise using the Dewey Decimal Classification system. Please follow this guide for more details.

4. I am not able to access the e-resources.

  • Please report any technical problems in accessing the e-resources to library@iitj.ac.in.

5. Is IIT Jodhpur library open to all? Is there a provision for visitors and walk-in users to avail library services?

  • Visitors
    1. Library primarily serves the IIT Jodhpur community. However, visitors from other academic and research institutions, government officials, etc. are welcome to use the library collection and services for a short duration. Borrowing facility is not available to visitors.
    2. Advance intimation about the visit will be appreciated. Kindly intimate by phone at +91-291-2449038/48/66/77 or by email to office_library@iitj.ac.in.
    3. Please contact library upon arrival.
  • Walk-in-users
    1. Students and research scholars from other institutions can use the library collection and services for a short duration.
    2. Please bring an authorization letter from your institute along with your institute’s valid ID card.
    3. Borrowing facility is not available.
    4. For more details, please contact the Deputy Librarian at +91-291-2449038 or email to office_library@iitj.ac.in for more details.

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