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Elsevier Science Direct Textbooks

These textbooks are available for free via Science Direct until August 2020

S. No. Title OpenURL Link
1 Aerodynamics for Engineering Students (Sixth Edition) Link
2 Aerodynamics for Engineering Students (Seventh Edition) Link
3 Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students (Fifth Edition) Link
4 Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students (Sixth Edition) Link
5 Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL (Second Edition) Link
6 Animal Behavior Link
7 Animal Behavior (Second Edition) Link
8 Applied Groundwater Modeling Link
9 Applied Groundwater Modeling (Second Edition) Link
10 Applied Pharmacology Link
11 The Art and Science of Digital Compositing (Second Edition) Link
12 Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis Link
13 Atmospheric Science (Second Edition) Link
14 Basic Medical Endocrinology (Fourth Edition) Link
15 Basic Neurochemistry (Eighth Edition) Link
16 Basic Science in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Fourth Edition) Link
17 Bioprocess Engineering Principles (Second Edition) Link
18 Biostatistics (Second Edition) Link
19 Biotechnology (Second Edition) Link
20 Business Process Change (Fourth Edition) Link
21 Cell Biology (Third Edition) Link
22 Churchill's Pocketbook of Diabetes (Second Edition) Link
23 Circuits, Signals and Systems for Bioengineers (Third Edition) Link
24 Civil Engineering Materials Link
25 Climate Change Biology Link
26 Climate Change Biology (Second Edition) Link
27 Clinical Biochemistry: Metabolic and Clinical Aspects (Third Edition) Link
28 Clinical Neuroscience Link
29 Clinical Pharmacology (Eleventh Edition) Link
30 Cognition, Brain, and Consciousness (Second Edition) Link
31 Companion to Psychiatric Studies (Eighth Edition) Link
32 Computability, Complexity, and Languages (Second Edition) Link
33 Computer Networks (Fifth Edition) Link
34 Computerization and Controversy (Second Edition) Link
35 Computers as Components (Third Edition) Link
36 Computers as Components (Fourth Edition) Link
37 Contemporary Security Management (Third Edition) Link
38 Continuum Mechanics Modeling of Material Behavior Link
39 Core Psychiatry (Third Edition) Link
40 Creating Precision Robots Link
41 Crime Scene Photography (Third Edition) Link
42 Criminal Profiling (Fourth Edition) Link
43 Culinary Nutrition Link
44 Data Mining (Fourth Edition) Link
45 Death Penalty Cases (Third Edition) Link
46 Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry (Second Edition) Link
47 Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry (Third Edition) Link
48 Descriptive Physical Oceanography (Sixth Edition) Link
49 Design and Evaluation of Physical Protection Systems (Second Edition) Link
50 Design Hydrology and Sedimentology for Small Catchments Link
51 Development of the Nervous System (Third Edition) Link
52 Development of the Nervous System (Fourth Edition) Link
53 The Digestive System (Second Edition) Link
54 Digital Design and Computer Architecture Link
55 Digital Design and Computer Architecture (Second Edition) Link
56 Digital Signal Processing Link
57 Digital Signal Processing (Third Edition) Link
58 Disaster Theory Link
59 The Dissection of Vertebrates (Second Edition) Link
60 The Dissection of Vertebrates (Third Edition) Link
61 Drug Discovery and Development (Second Edition) Link
62 Easy Interpretation of Biostatistics Link
63 Electrons, Atoms, and Molecules in Inorganic Chemistry Link
64 Electrons in Solids (Third Edition) Link
65 Elementary Differential Geometry (Second Edition) Link
66 Elementary Linear Algebra (Fourth Edition) Link
67 Elementary Linear Algebra (Fifth Edition) Link
68 Elements of Petroleum Geology (Third Edition) Link
69 Elements of Set Theory Link
70 Elsevier's Integrated Pathology Link
71 Elsevier's Integrated Physiology Link
72 Elsevier's Integrated Review Biochemistry (Second Edition) Link
73 Elsevier's Integrated Review Genetics (Second Edition) Link
74 Elsevier's Integrated Review Immunology and Microbiology (Second Edition) Link
75 Elsevier's Integrated Review Pharmacology (Second Edition) Link
76 Embryology (Second Edition) Link
77 The Endocrine System (Second Edition) Link
78 Engineering a Compiler (Second Edition) Link
79 Engineering Materials 1 (Fourth Edition) Link
80 Engineering Materials 1 (Fifth Edition) Link
81 Engineering Materials 2 (Fourth Edition) Link
82 Environmental Ecology (Second Edition) Link
83 Environmental Microbiology (Second Edition) Link
84 Environmental Microbiology (Third Edition) Link
85 Environmental Soil Chemistry (Second Edition) Link
86 Equine Surgery (Fifth Edition) Link
87 Essential Concepts in Molecular Pathology Link
88 Essential Human Virology Link
89 Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists (Seventh Edition) Link
90 Essential Statistical Methods for Medical Statistics Link
91 Essential Statistics, Regression, and Econometrics Link
92 Essential Statistics, Regression, and Econometrics (Second Edition) Link
93 Essentials of Medical Biochemistry Link
94 Essentials of Medical Biochemistry (Second Edition) Link
95 Essentials of Medicolegal Death Investigation Link
96 Experimental Organic Chemistry Link
97 Exploring Engineering (Third Edition) Link
98 Farr's Physics for Medical Imaging (Second Edition) Link
99 The Finite Element Method in Engineering (Fifth Edition) Link
100 The Finite Element Method in Engineering (Sixth Edition) Link
101 Fluid Mechanics (Fifth Edition) Link
102 Fluid Mechanics (Sixth Edition) Link
103 Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery (Sixth Edition) Link
104 Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery (Seventh Edition) Link
105 Forensic Toxicology Link
106 Freshwater Ecology (Second Edition) Link
107 Freshwater Ecology (Third Edition) Link
108 Fundamental Neuroscience (Fourth Edition) Link
109 Fundamentals of Cognitive Neuroscience Link
110 Fundamentals of Cognitive Neuroscience (Second Edition) Link
111 Fundamentals of Forensic DNA Typing Link
112 Fundamentals of Forensic Science (Second Edition) Link
113 Fundamentals of Forensic Science (Third Edition) Link
114 Fundamentals of Spatial Information Systems Link
115 Fundamentals of the Theory of Computation: Principles and Practice Link
116 Global Physical Climatology (Second Edition) Link
117 Handbook of Clinical Nutrition (Fourth Edition) Link
118 Handbook of Synthetic Organic Chemistry (Second Edition) Link
119 Herpetology (Third Edition) Link
120 Herpetology (Fourth Edition) Link
121 High-Performance Communication Networks (Second Edition) Link
122 Homeland Security (Second Edition) Link
123 Human Anatomy Link
124 Human Biochemistry Link
125 The Human Bone Manual Link
126 Human Embryology and Developmental Biology (Fifth Edition) Link
127 Human Osteology (Third Edition) Link
128 Human Parasitology (Fourth Edition) Link
129 Human Reproductive Biology (Third Edition) Link
130 Human Reproductive Biology (Fourth Edition) Link
131 Human Sexuality and Its Problems (Third Edition) Link
132 Instrumentation and Control Systems (Second Edition) Link
133 Intermolecular and Surface Forces (Third Edition) Link
134 Introduction to Aircraft Structural Analysis Link
135 Introduction to Aircraft Structural Analysis (Third Edition) Link
136 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (Second Edition) Link
137 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (Third Edition) Link
138 Introduction to Business Analytics using Simulation Link
139 Introduction to Data Compression (Fifth Edition) Link
140 An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology (Fifth Edition) Link
141 Introduction to Emergency Management (Fifth Edition) Link
142 Introduction to Emergency Management (Sixth Edition) Link
143 Introduction to Emergency Management (Seventh Edition) Link
144 Introduction to Floriculture (Second Edition) Link
145 Introduction to Forestry and Natural Resources Link
146 Introduction to Homeland Security (Fourth Edition) Link
147 An Introduction to Human Evolutionary Anatomy Link
148 Introduction to Information Security Link
149 An Introduction to Parallel Programming Link
150 Introduction to Probability Models (Tenth Edition) Link
151 Introduction to Probability Models (Eleventh Edition) Link
152 Introduction to Probability Models (Twelfth Edition) Link
153 Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (Fourth Edition) Link
154 Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (Fifth Edition) Link
155 Introduction to Robust Estimation and Hypothesis Testing (Fourth Edition) Link
156 Introduction to Security (Ninth Edition) Link
157 Introduction to Security (Tenth Edition) Link
158 An Introduction to Stochastic Modeling (Fourth Edition) Link
159 Introductory Statistics (Third Edition) Link
160 Introductory Statistics (Fourth Edition) Link
161 Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity (Third Edition) Link
162 The Law of Emergencies (Second Edition) Link
163 Limnology (Third Edition) Link
164 Materials Selection in Mechanical Design (Fourth Edition) Link
165 A Mathematical Introduction to Logic (Second Edition) Link
166 Mathematical Physics with Partial Differential Equations Link
167 Matrix Methods (Third Edition) Link
168 Medical Cell Biology (Third Edition) Link
169 Medical Microbiology (Eighteenth Edition) Link
170 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Other Restructuring Activities (Ninth Edition) Link
171 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Other Restructuring Activities (Tenth Edition) Link
172 Modern Embedded Computing Link
173 Modern Engineering Thermodynamics Link
174 Modern Physics Link
175 Modern Physics (Second Edition) Link
176 Molecular Biology (Second Edition) Link
177 Molecular Biology (Third Edition) Link
178 Molecular Microbiology Laboratory (Second Edition) Link
179 Molecular Pathology Link
180 Molecular Virology of Human Pathogenic Viruses Link
181 The Musculoskeletal System (Second Edition) Link
182 Navigating the Maze Link
183 The Nervous System (Second Edition) Link
184 Neurology (Third Edition) Link
185 Neurology and Neurosurgery Illustrated (Fifth Edition) Link
186 New Perspectives in Forensic Human Skeletal Identification Link
187 The New Public Health (Third Edition) Link
188 Nuclear Energy (Eighth Edition) Link
189 Nuclear Engineering Link
190 Numerical Methods (Fourth Edition) Link
191 Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations Link
192 Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students (Second Edition) Link
193 Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students (Third Edition) Link
194 Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students (Fourth Edition) Link
195 Organic Chemistry (Second Edition) Link
196 Organic Chemistry of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions (Second Revised Edition) Link
197 Organic Synthesis (Fourth Edition) Link
198 Osteoarchaeology Link
199 Parallel Programming Link
200 Pathology Illustrated (Seventh Edition) Link
201 Pathophysiology of Kidney Disease and Hypertension Link
202 Physics in Biology and Medicine (Fourth Edition) Link
203 Physics in Biology and Medicine (Fifth Edition) Link
204 The Physics of Computing Link
205 Physics of Condensed Matter Link
206 PIC in Practice (Second Edition) Link
207 Plant Growth and Development: A Molecular Approach Link
208 Plant Pathology (Fifth Edition) Link
209 Plant Systematics (Second Edition) Link
210 Plant Systematics (Third Edition) Link
211 Practical Business Statistics Link
212 Practical Business Statistics (Seventh Edition) Link
213 Primate Adaptation and Evolution (Third Edition) Link
214 Primer to the Immune Response (Second Edition) Link
215 Principles of Financial Engineering (Second Edition) Link
216 Principles of Financial Engineering (Third Edition) Link
217 Principles of Molecular Virology (Fifth Edition) Link
218 Principles of Molecular Virology (Sixth Edition) Link
219 The Professional Protection Officer Link
220 The Professional Protection Officer (Second Edition) Link
221 Programming Language Pragmatics (Third Edition) Link
222 Programming Massively Parallel Processors (Second Edition) Link
223 Programming Massively Parallel Processors (Third Edition) Link
224 Psychiatric Rehabilitation (Third Edition) Link
225 Psychiatry (Second Edition) Link
226 Quantitative Human Physiology Link
227 Quantitative Human Physiology (Second Edition) Link
228 The Renal System (Second Edition) Link
229 The Respiratory System (Second Edition) Link
230 Satellite Meteorology Link
231 The Science of Crime Scenes Link
232 Security and Loss Prevention (Fifth Edition) Link
233 Security and Loss Prevention (Sixth Edition) Link
234 Security and Loss Prevention (Seventh Edition) Link
235 Signals and Systems for Bioengineers (Second Edition) Link
236 Signals and Systems using MATLAB Link
237 Signals and Systems using MATLAB (Second Edition) Link
238 Signals and Systems Using MATLAB (Third Edition) Link
239 Soil in the Environment Link
240 Soil and Environmental Chemistry Link
241 Soil and Environmental Chemistry (Second Edition) Link
242 Soil Microbiology, Ecology and Biochemistry (Third Edition) Link
243 Soil Microbiology, Ecology and Biochemistry (Fourth Edition) Link
244 Statistical Methods (Third Edition) Link
245 Stevens & Lowe's Human Histology (Fourth Edition) Link
246 Strategies and Solutions to Advanced Organic Reaction Mechanisms Link
247 System Dynamics for Engineering Students Link
248 System Dynamics for Engineering Students (Second Edition) Link
249 Table of Integrals, Series, and Products (Seventh Edition) Link
250 Table of Integrals, Series, and Products (Eighth Edition) Link
251 Textbook of Veterinary Physiological Chemistry (Third Edition) Link
252 Thermodynamic Tables to Accompany Modern Engineering Thermodynamics Link
253 Trease and Evans' Pharmacognosy (Sixteenth Edition) Link
254 Understanding Food Systems Link
255 The UX Book Link
256 The UX Book (Second Edition) Link
257 Vertebrate Endocrinology (Fifth Edition) Link
258 Virology Link
259 Viruses and Human Disease (Second Edition) Link
Cambridge University Press

Free access to eBooks and Elements from Cambridge University Press during this pandemic period

Access link:
New York Public Library

Free access to collections from NYPL

Accessing NYPL Collections: You can install SimplyE app from Playstore on your iPhone or Android phone to access NYPL collections that include text books, fiction and nonfiction.
Springer Open eTextbooks

These books will be available for free via SpringerLink until at least the end of July’2020

S. No. Title Author OpenURL Link
1 Fundamentals of Power Electronics Robert W. Erickson, Dragan Maksimovic Link
2 Handbook of the Life Course Jeylan T. Mortimer, Michael J. Shanahan Link
3 All of Statistics Larry Wasserman Link
4 Social Anxiety and Social Phobia in Youth Christopher Kearney Link
5 Discrete Mathematics László Lovász, József Pelikán, Katalin Vesztergombi Link
6 Developmental Neurobiology Mahendra S. Rao, Marcus Jacobson Link
7 Intuitive Probability and Random Processes using MATLAB® Steven Kay Link
8 Handbook of Disaster Research Havidan Rodriguez, Enrico L. Quarantelli, Russell Dynes Link
9 Handbook of the Sociology of Gender Janet Saltzman Chafetz Link
10 Handbook of Sociological Theory Jonathan H. Turner Link
11 Clinical Neuroanatomy John Mendoza, Anne Foundas Link
12 Acquired Brain Injury Jean Elbaum, Deborah Benson Link
13 Numerical Optimization Jorge Nocedal, Stephen Wright Link
14 Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy James Pawley Link
15 Ceramic Materials C. Barry Carter, M. Grant Norton Link
16 Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy Joseph R. Lakowicz Link
17 Fundamentals of Biomechanics Duane Knudson Link
18 Primer on the Rheumatic Diseases John H. Klippel, John H. Stone, L eslie J. Crofford, Patience H. White Link
19 International Handbook of Historical Archaeology Teresita Majewski, David Gaimster Link
20 Database Marketing Robert C. Blattberg, Byung-Do Kim, Scott A. Neslin Link
21 Composite Materials Krishan K. Chawla Link
22 Time Series Analysis Jonathan D. Cryer, Kung-Sik Chan Link
23 Transmission Electron Microscopy David B. Williams, C. Barry Carter Link
24 Handbook of Quantitative Criminology Alex R. Piquero, David Weisburd Link
25 Plant Physiological Ecology Hans Lambers, F Stuart Chapin III, Thijs L. Pons Link
26 Introductory Statistics with R Peter Dalgaard Link
27 The Elements of Statistical Learning Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani, Jerome Friedman Link
28 Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality James M. Nelson Link
29 Introductory Time Series with R Paul S.P. Cowpertwait, Andrew V. Metcalfe Link
30 Child Neuropsychology Margaret Semrud-Clikeman, Phyllis Anne Teeter Ellison Link
31 A Beginner's Guide to R Alain Zuur, Elena N. Ieno, Erik Meesters Link
32 Geomorphology of Desert Environments Anthony J. Parsons, A. D. Abrahams Link
33 The Joy of Science Richard A. Lockshin Link
34 Fatigue of Structures and Materials J. Schijve Link
35 Essential Astrophysics Kenneth R. Lang Link
36 Introduction to Evolutionary Computing A.E. Eiben, J.E. Smith Link
37 Data Analysis Siegmund Brandt Link
38 International Perspectives on Psychotherapy Stefan G. Hofmann Link
39 Electrical Machines Slobodan N. Vukosavic Link
40 Mechanics and Thermodynamics Wolfgang Demtröder Link
41 Applied Behavior Analysis Kimberly Maich, Darren Levine, Carmen Hall Link
42 Reading, Writing, and Proving Ulrich Daepp, Pamela Gorkin Link
43 Linear and Nonlinear Programming David G. Luenberger, Yinyu Ye Link
44 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations David Borthwick Link
45 Energy Storage Robert Huggins Link
46 Metabolism of Human Diseases Eckhard Lammert, Martin Zeeb Link
47 Sensory Evaluation of Food Harry T. Lawless, Hildegarde Heymann Link
48 Fundamentals of Robotic Mechanical Systems Jorge Angeles Link
49 Integrative Human Biochemistry Andrea T. da Poian, Miguel A. R. B. Castanho Link
50 Philosophy of Science for Scientists Lars-Göran Johansson Link
51 Particles and Nuclei Bogdan Povh, Klaus Rith, Christoph Scholz, Frank Zetsche, Werner Rodejohann Link
52 Data Structures and Algorithms with Python Kent D. Lee, Steve Hubbard Link
53 LGBT-Parent Families Abbie E. Goldberg, Katherine R. Allen Link
54 Integrated Neuroscience Elliott M. Marcus, Stanley Jacobson Link
55 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations Peter J. Olver Link
56 Microeconomics Peter Dorman Link
57 System Dynamics Bilash Kanti Bala, Fatimah Mohamed Arshad, Kusairi Mohd Noh Link
58 Cosmology for the Curious Delia Perlov, Alex Vilenkin Link
59 Methods of Mathematical Modelling Thomas Witelski, Mark Bowen Link
60 Introduction to Logic Circuits & Logic Design with Verilog Brock J. LaMeres Link
61 Structural Analysis O. A. Bauchau, J.I. Craig Link
62 Engineering Flow and Heat Exchange Octave Levenspiel Link
63 Enterprise Risk Management Models David L. Olson, Desheng Dash Wu Link
64 Reactive Power Control in AC Power Systems Naser Mahdavi Tabatabaei, Ali Jafari Aghbolaghi, Nicu Bizon, Frede Blaabjerg Link
65 Principles of Microeconomics Martin Kolmar Link
66 Additive Manufacturing Technologies Ian Gibson, David W. Rosen, Brent Stucker Link
67 Principles of Physics Hafez A . Radi, John O Rasmussen Link
68 Fundamentals of Biomechanics Nihat Özkaya, Dawn Leger, David Goldsheyder, Margareta Nordin Link
69 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Peter Waller, Muluneh Yitayew Link
70 LaTeX in 24 Hours Dilip Datta Link
71 Psychology of Perception Simon Grondin Link
72 Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology Peter Schneider Link
73 Automata and Computability Dexter C. Kozen Link
74 The Algorithm Design Manual Steven S Skiena Link
75 Chemical Thermodynamics Ernö Keszei Link
76 Computational Physics Philipp O.J. Scherer Link
77 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis Christian Heumann, Michael Schomaker, Shalabh Link
78 Grammar for Teachers Andrea DeCapua Link
79 Time Series Econometrics Klaus Neusser Link
80 Electrochemistry Christine Lefrou, Pierre Fabry, Jean-Claude Poignet Link
81 Classical Fourier Analysis Loukas Grafakos Link
82 Human Chromosomes Orlando J. Miller, Eeva Therman Link
83 Phylogenomics Christoph Bleidorn Link
84 Quantum Theory for Mathematicians Brian C. Hall Link
85 Evidence-Based Critical Care Robert C. Hyzy Link
86 Clinical Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality and Behavior Paul J. Frick, Christopher T. Barry, Randy W. Kamphaus Link
87 Design Research in Information Systems Alan Hevner, Samir Chatterjee Link
88 Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology Russell K. Hobbie, Bradley J. Roth Link
89 Principles of Data Mining Max Bramer Link
90 Fundamental Astronomy Hannu Karttunen, Pekka Kröger, Heikki Oja, Markku Poutanen, Karl Johan Donner Link
91 Fundamentals of Business Process Management Marlon Dumas, Marcello La Rosa, Jan Mendling, Hajo A. Reijers Link
92 Brownian Motion, Martingales, and Stochastic Calculus Jean-François Le Gall Link
93 UML @ Classroom Martina Seidl, Marion Scholz, Christian Huemer, Gerti Kappel Link
94 Design and Analysis of Experiments Angela Dean, Daniel Voss, Danel Draguljić Link
95 Foundations for Designing User-Centered Systems Frank E. Ritter, Gordon D. Baxter, Elizabeth F. Churchill Link
96 Handbook of Consumer Finance Research Jing Jian Xiao Link
97 Principles of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology F Stuart Chapin III, Pamela A. Matson, Peter Vitousek Link
98 Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis Wolfgang Karl Härdle, Léopold Simar Link
99 Strategic International Management Dirk Morschett, Hanna Schramm-Klein, Joachim Zentes Link
100 Computer Vision Richard Szeliski Link
101 Engineering Electromagnetics Nathan Ida Link
102 Data Mining Charu C. Aggarwal Link
103 International Trade Theory and Policy Giancarlo Gandolfo Link
104 Alternative Energy Sources Efstathios E (Stathis) Michaelides Link
105 Introduction to Electronic Commerce and Social Commerce Efraim Turban, Judy Whiteside, David King, Jon Outland Link
106 Computational Geometry Mark de Berg, Otfried Cheong, Marc van Kreveld, Mark Overmars Link
107 Elementary Mechanics Using Python Anders Malthe-Sørenssen Link
108 Energy Economics Peter Zweifel, Aaron Praktiknjo, Georg Erdmann Link
109 Biomedical Informatics Edward H. Shortliffe, James J. Cimino Link
110 Robotics, Vision and Control Peter Corke Link
111 Acid-Base Diagrams Heike Kahlert, Fritz Scholz Link
112 Brewing Science: A Multidisciplinary Approach Michael Mosher, Kenneth Trantham Link
113 Learning Landscape Ecology Sarah E. Gergel, Monica G. Turner Link
114 Probability Jim Pitman Link
115 Modeling Life Alan Garfinkel, Jane Shevtsov, Yina Guo Link
116 Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion Francis Chen Link
117 Engineering Mechanics 1 Dietmar Gross, Werner Hauger, Jörg Schröder, Wolfgang A. Wall, Nimal Rajapakse Link
118 Business Statistics for Competitive Advantage with Excel 2016 Cynthia Fraser Link
119 Principles of Polymer Chemistry A. Ravve Link
120 A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python Hans Petter Langtangen Link
121 Climate Change Science: A Modern Synthesis G. Thomas Farmer, John Cook Link
122 Solar PV and Wind Energy Conversion Systems S. Sumathi, L. Ashok Kumar, P. Surekha Link
123 Statistical Analysis and Data Display Richard M. Heiberger, Burt Holland Link
124 Business Process Management Cases Jan vom Brocke, Jan Mendling Link
125 Elementary Analysis Kenneth A. Ross Link
126 Cryptography Made Simple Nigel Smart Link
127 Fluid Dynamics Michel Rieutord Link
128 Social Media Management Amy Van Looy Link
129 Statistics in Criminal Justice David Weisburd, Chester Britt Link
130 Supply Chain Management and Advanced Planning Hartmut Stadtler, Christoph Kilger, Herbert Meyr Link
131 Probability Theory Alexandr A. Borovkov Link
132 Statistics and Data Analysis for Financial Engineering David Ruppert, David S. Matteson Link
133 Readings in Formal Epistemology Horacio Arló-Costa, Vincent F. Hendricks, Johan van Benthem Link
134 Differential Equations and Their Applications Martin Braun Link
135 Nanotechnology: Principles and Practices Sulabha K. Kulkarni Link
136 Epidemiological Research: Terms and Concepts O. S. Miettinen Link
137 Multinational Management Rien Segers Link
138 Partial Differential Equations Jürgen Jost Link
139 Bayesian and Frequentist Regression Methods Jon Wakefield Link
140 Strategic International Management Dirk Morschett, Hanna Schramm-Klein, Joachim Zentes Link
141 Basic Concepts in Computational Physics Benjamin A. Stickler, Ewald Schachinger Link
142 Eye Tracking Methodology Andrew T. Duchowski Link
143 Writing for Publication Mary Renck Jalongo, Olivia N. Saracho Link
144 Mathematical Physics Sadri Hassani Link
145 Correctional Counseling and Treatment Peter C. Kratcoski Link
146 Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion Henning Struchtrup Link
147 The Action Research Planner Stephen Kemmis, Robin McTaggart, Rhonda Nixon Link
148 Stochastic Processes and Calculus Uwe Hassler Link
149 Statistical Analysis of Clinical Data on a Pocket Calculator Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman Link
150 Clinical Data Analysis on a Pocket Calculator Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman Link
151 The Data Science Design Manual Steven S. Skiena Link
152 An Introduction to Machine Learning Miroslav Kubat Link
153 Guide to Discrete Mathematics Gerard O'Regan Link
154 Petroleum Geoscience Knut Bjørlykke Link
155 Structure Determination by X-ray Crystallography Mark Ladd, Rex Palmer Link
156 Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting Peter J. Brockwell, Richard A. Davis Link
157 Principles of Mobile Communication Gordon L. Stüber Link
158 Cardiovascular Biomechanics Peter R. Hoskins, Patricia V. Lawford, Barry J. Doyle Link
159 Introduction to Smooth Manifolds John Lee Link
160 Taxation in European Union Pietro Boria Link
161 Essentials of Cerebellum and Cerebellar Disorders Donna L. Gruol, Noriyuki Koibuchi, Mario Manto, Marco Molinari, Jeremy D. Schmahmann, Ying Shen Link
162 Language Across the Curriculum & CLIL in English as an Additional Language (EAL) Contexts Angel M.Y. Lin Link
163 Multivariate Calculus and Geometry Seán Dineen Link
164 Statistics and Analysis of Scientific Data Massimiliano Bonamente Link
165 Modelling Computing Systems Faron Moller, Georg Struth Link
166 Search Methodologies Edmund K. Burke, Graham Kendall Link
167 Representation Theory William Fulton, Joe Harris Link
168 Linear Algebra Done Right Sheldon Axler Link
169 Stellar Structure and Evolution Rudolf Kippenhahn, Alfred Weigert, Achim Weiss Link
170 Evolutionary Thinking in Medicine Alexandra Alvergne, Crispin Jenkinson, Charlotte Faurie Link
171 Understanding Cryptography Christof Paar, Jan Pelzl Link
172 Linear Algebra Jörg Liesen, Volker Mehrmann Link
173 Algebra Serge Lang Link
174 Understanding Analysis Stephen Abbott Link
175 Plate Tectonics Wolfgang Frisch, Martin Meschede, Ronald C. Blakey Link
176 Linear Programming Robert J Vanderbei Link
177 The Nature of Scientific Knowledge Kevin McCain Link
178 Leadership Today Joan Marques, Satinder Dhiman Link
179 Physics of Semiconductor Devices Massimo Rudan Link
180 Corporate Social Responsibility John O. Okpara, Samuel O. Idowu Link
181 Ordinary Differential Equations William A. Adkins, Mark G. Davidson Link
182 Electronic Commerce Efraim Turban, David King, Jae Kyu Lee, Ting-Peng Liang, Deborrah C. Turban Link
183 Ceramic Materials C. Barry Carter, M. Grant Norton Link
184 Foundations of Analytical Chemistry Miguel Valcárcel Cases, Ángela I. López-Lorente, Ma Ángeles López-Jiménez Link
185 Life Cycle Assessment Michael Z. Hauschild, Ralph K. Rosenbaum, Stig Irving Olsen Link
186 A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response George S. Everly, Jr., Jeffrey M. Lating Link
187 Computational Physics Philipp Scherer Link
188 Handbook of LGBT Elders Debra A. Harley, Pamela B. Teaster Link
189 Handbook of Cardiac Anatomy, Physiology, and Devices Paul A. Iaizzo Link
190 Quantum Mechanics Daniel Bes Link
191 Understanding Statistics Using R Randall Schumacker, Sara Tomek Link
192 Mass Spectrometry Jürgen H Gross Link
193 Statistical Mechanics for Engineers Isamu Kusaka Link
194 The Gastrointestinal System Po Sing Leung Link
195 Additive Manufacturing Technologies Ian Gibson, David Rosen, Brent Stucker Link
196 Magnetic Interactions in Molecules and Solids Coen de Graaf, Ria Broer Link
197 Electricity and Magnetism Teruo Matsushita Link
198 Survival Analysis David G. Kleinbaum, Mitchel Klein Link
199 Foundations of Quantum Mechanics Travis Norsen Link
200 An Introduction to Statistical Learning Gareth James, Daniela Witten, Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani Link
201 Introduction to Mathematica® for Physicists Andrey Grozin Link
202 Statistical Learning from a Regression Perspective Richard A. Berk Link
203 Applied Partial Differential Equations J. David Logan Link
204 Principles of Astrophysics Charles Keeton Link
205 Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases Zhongchao Tan Link
206 Polymer Synthesis: Theory and Practice Dietrich Braun, Harald Cherdron, Matthias Rehahn, Helmut Ritter, Brigitte Voit Link
207 Sustainable Supply Chains Yann Bouchery, Charles J. Corbett, Jan C. Fransoo, Tarkan Tan Link
208 Robotics Bruno Siciliano, Lorenzo Sciavicco, Luigi Villani, Giuseppe Oriolo Link
209 Econometrics Badi H. Baltagi Link
210 The Sea Floor Eugen Seibold, Wolfgang Berger Link
211 SPSS for Starters and 2nd Levelers Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman Link
212 Regression Modeling Strategies Frank E. Harrell , Jr. Link
213 Legal Dynamics of EU External Relations Henri de Waele Link
214 Food Analysis Laboratory Manual S. Suzanne Nielsen Link
215 Principles of Musical Acoustics William M. Hartmann Link
216 Fundamentals of Structural Engineering Jerome J. Connor, Susan Faraji Link
217 Basics of Laser Physics Karl F. Renk Link
218 Applied Quantitative Finance Wolfgang Karl Härdle, Cathy Yi-Hsuan Chen, Ludger Overbeck Link
219 Handbook of Marriage and the Family Gary W. Peterson, Kevin R. Bush Link
220 Solid-State Physics Harald Ibach, Hans Lüth Link
221 Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and its Applications Andrzej Lasia Link
222 Economics as Applied Ethics Wilfred Beckerman Link
223 Electronics for Embedded Systems Ahmet Bindal Link
224 Concise Guide to Software Engineering Gerard O'Regan Link
225 Fundamentals of Multimedia Ze-Nian Li, Mark S. Drew, Jiangchuan Liu Link
226 Logistics Harald Gleissner, J. Christian Femerling Link
227 Group Theory Applied to Chemistry Arnout Jozef Ceulemans Link
228 The Psychology of Social Status Joey T. Cheng, Jessica L. Tracy, Cameron Anderson Link
229 A Modern Introduction to Probability and Statistics F.M. Dekking, C. Kraaikamp, H.P. Lopuhaä, L.E. Meester Link
230 Complex Analysis Joseph Bak, Donald J. Newman Link
231 Food Chemistry H.-D. Belitz, Werner Grosch, Peter Schieberle Link
232 Exam Survival Guide: Physical Chemistry Jochen Vogt Link
233 The Python Workbook Ben Stephenson Link
234 Practical Electrical Engineering Sergey N. Makarov, Reinhold Ludwig, Stephen J. Bitar Link
235 Strategic Retail Management Joachim Zentes, Dirk Morschett, Hanna Schramm-Klein Link
236 Food Analysis S. Suzanne Nielsen Link
237 Psychoeducational Assessment and Report Writing Stefan C. Dombrowski Link
238 Machine Learning in Medicine - a Complete Overview Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman Link
239 Evidence-Based Interventions for Children with Challenging Behavior Kathleen Hague Armstrong, Julia A. Ogg, Ashley N. Sundman-Wheat, Audra St. John Walsh Link
240 Principles of Quantum Mechanics R. Shankar Link
241 Recommender Systems Charu C. Aggarwal Link
242 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Daan J. A. Crommelin, Robert D. Sindelar, Bernd Meibohm Link
243 Python Programming Fundamentals Kent D. Lee Link
244 The Finite Element Method and Applications in Engineering Using ANSYS® Erdogan Madenci, Ibrahim Guven Link
245 Group Theory Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Gene Dresselhaus, Ado Jorio Link
246 Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Implementation Brahma Dathan, Sarnath Ramnath Link
247 Introduction to Embedded Systems Manuel Jiménez, Rogelio Palomera, Isidoro Couvertier Link
248 Elementary Mechanics Using Matlab Anders Malthe-Sørenssen Link
249 An Introduction to Biomechanics Jay D. Humphrey, Sherry L. O’Rourke Link
250 New Introduction to Multiple Time Series Analysis Helmut Lütkepohl Link
251 Introduction to Data Science Laura Igual, Santi Seguí Link
252 Calculus With Applications Peter D. Lax, Maria Shea Terrell Link
253 An Introduction to Soil Mechanics Arnold Verruijt Link
254 Game Theory Hans Peters Link
255 Fundamentals of Clinical Trials Lawrence M. Friedman, Curt D. Furberg, David L. DeMets, David M. Reboussin, Christopher B. Granger Link
256 The Finite Volume Method in Computational Fluid Dynamics F. Moukalled, L. Mangani, M. Darwish Link
257 The ASCRS Textbook of Colon and Rectal Surgery Scott R. Steele, Tracy L. Hull, Thomas E. Read, Theodore J. Saclarides, Anthony J. Senagore, Charles B. Whitlow Link
258 Applied Predictive Modeling Max Kuhn, Kjell Johnson Link
259 Introduction to Logic Circuits & Logic Design with VHDL Brock J. LaMeres Link
260 Sustainability Science Harald Heinrichs, Pim Martens, Gerd Michelsen, Arnim Wiek Link
261 Physical Chemistry from a Different Angle Georg Job, Regina Rüffler Link
262 The Physics of Semiconductors Marius Grundmann Link
263 Energy Harvesting and Energy Efficiency Nicu Bizon, Naser Mahdavi Tabatabaei, Frede Blaabjerg, Erol Kurt Link
264 Python For ArcGIS Laura Tateosian Link
265 Statics and Mechanics of Structures Steen Krenk, Jan Høgsberg Link
266 Real Analysis Miklós Laczkovich, Vera T. Sós Link
267 MATLAB for Psychologists Mauro Borgo, Alessandro Soranzo, Massimo Grassi Link
268 Physical Asset Management Nicholas Anthony John Hastings Link
269 Essentials of Food Science Vickie A. Vaclavik, Elizabeth W. Christian Link
270 Quantum Mechanics K.T. Hecht Link
271 Probability Theory Achim Klenke Link
272 Concise Guide to Databases Peter Lake, Paul Crowther Link
273 Digital Image Processing Wilhelm Burger, Mark J. Burge Link
274 Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering Ricardo Simpson, Sudhir K. Sastry Link
275 Transmission Electron Microscopy David B. Williams, C. Barry Carter Link
276 Guide to Computer Network Security Joseph Migga Kizza Link
277 Introduction to Law Jaap Hage, Antonia Waltermann, Bram Akkermans Link
278 Advanced Quantum Mechanics RAINER DICK Link
279 Bayesian Essentials with R Jean-Michel Marin, Christian P. Robert Link
280 Robotics, Vision and Control Peter Corke Link
281 Applied Chemistry Oleg Roussak, H. D. Gesser Link
282 Advanced Organic Chemistry Francis A. Carey, Richard J. Sundberg Link
283 Advanced Organic Chemistry Francis A. Carey, Richard J. Sundberg Link
284 International Humanitarian Action Hans-Joachim Heintze, Pierre Thielbörger Link
285 Breast Cancer Umberto Veronesi, Aron Goldhirsch, Paolo Veronesi, Oreste Davide Gentilini, Maria Cristina Leonardi Link
286 Travel Marketing, Tourism Economics and the Airline Product Mark Anthony Camilleri Link
287 Electronic Commerce 2018 Efraim Turban, Jon Outland, David King, Jae Kyu Lee, Ting-Peng Liang, Deborrah C. Turban Link
288 Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation in Rural Settings Debra A. Harley, Noel A. Ysasi, Malachy L. Bishop, Allison R. Fleming Link
289 Teaching Medicine and Medical Ethics Using Popular Culture Evie Kendal, Basia Diug Link
290 Market Research Erik Mooi, Marko Sarstedt, Irma Mooi-Reci Link
291 Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis Joseph I. Goldstein, Dale E. Newbury, Joseph R. Michael, Nicholas W.M. Ritchie, John Henry J. Scott, David C. Joy Link
292 ArcGIS for Environmental and Water Issues William Bajjali Link
293 Physics from Symmetry Jakob Schwichtenberg Link
294 Communication and Bioethics at the End of Life Lori A. Roscoe, David P. Schenck Link
295 Foundations of Programming Languages Kent D. Lee Link
296 Problems in Classical Electromagnetism Andrea Macchi, Giovanni Moruzzi, Francesco Pegoraro Link
297 Polymer Chemistry Sebastian Koltzenburg, Michael Maskos, Oskar Nuyken Link
298 Probability and Statistics for Computer Science David Forsyth Link
299 Empathetic Space on Screen Amedeo D'Adamo Link
300 Political Social Work Shannon R. Lane, Suzanne Pritzker Link
301 Introductory Quantum Mechanics Paul R. Berman Link
302 Guide to Competitive Programming Antti Laaksonen Link
303 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Wolfgang Ertel Link
304 Bioinformatics for Evolutionary Biologists Bernhard Haubold, Angelika Börsch-Haubold Link
305 Concepts, Methods and Practical Applications in Applied Demography Richard K. Thomas Link
306 Introduction to Deep Learning Sandro Skansi Link
307 Energy and the Wealth of Nations Charles A.S. Hall, Kent Klitgaard Link
308 A Beginner's Guide to Scala, Object Orientation and Functional Programming John Hunt Link
309 Lessons on Synthetic Bioarchitectures Eva-Kathrin Ehmoser-Sinner, Cherng-Wen Darren Tan Link
310 Managing Sustainable Business Gilbert G. Lenssen, N. Craig Smith Link
311 Engineering Mechanics 2 Dietmar Gross, Werner Hauger, Jörg Schröder, Wolfgang A. Wall, Javier Bonet Link
312 Fundamentals of Business Process Management Marlon Dumas, Marcello La Rosa, Jan Mendling, Hajo A. Reijers Link
313 Clinical Methods in Medical Family Therapy Tai Mendenhall, Angela Lamson, Jennifer Hodgson, Macaran Baird Link
314 Guide to Scientific Computing in C++ Joe Pitt-Francis, Jonathan Whiteley Link
315 Motivation and Action Jutta Heckhausen, Heinz Heckhausen Link
316 Perspectives on Elderly Crime and Victimization Peter C. Kratcoski, Maximilian Edelbacher Link
317 Knowledge Management Klaus North, Gita Kumta Link
318 An Introduction to Zooarchaeology Diane Gifford-Gonzalez Link
319 Abstract Algebra Gregory T. Lee Link
320 Criminal Justice and Mental Health Jada Hector, David Khey Link
321 Philosophy of Race Naomi Zack Link
322 Of Cigarettes, High Heels, and Other Interesting Things Marcel Danesi Link
323 Applied Bioinformatics Paul M. Selzer, Richard J. Marhöfer, Oliver Koch Link
324 Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry for Physical Sciences Giovanni Landi, Alessandro Zampini Link
325 Building Energy Modeling with OpenStudio Larry Brackney, Andrew Parker, Daniel Macumber, Kyle Benne Link
326 Customer Relationship Management V. Kumar, Werner Reinartz Link
327 The A-Z of the PhD Trajectory Eva O. L. Lantsoght Link
328 Strategic Human Resource Management and Employment Relations Ashish Malik Link
329 Applied Linear Algebra Peter J. Olver, Chehrzad Shakiban Link
330 Witnessing Torture Alexandra S. Moore, Elizabeth Swanson Link
331 Proofs from THE BOOK Martin Aigner, Günter M. Ziegler Link
332 Introduction to General Relativity Cosimo Bambi Link
333 Introduction to Particle and Astroparticle Physics Alessandro De Angelis, Mário Pimenta Link
334 Fundamentals of Java Programming Mitsunori Ogihara Link
335 Optimization of Process Flowsheets through Metaheuristic Techniques José María Ponce-Ortega, Luis Germán Hernández-Pérez Link
336 Robotics Matjaž Mihelj, Tadej Bajd, Aleš Ude, Jadran Lenarčič, Aleš Stanovnik, Marko Munih, Jure Rejc, Sebastjan Šlajpah Link
337 Business Ethics - A Philosophical and Behavioral Approach Christian A. Conrad Link
338 A First Introduction to Quantum Physics Pieter Kok Link
339 Argumentation Theory: A Pragma-Dialectical Perspective Frans H. van Eemeren Link
340 Logical Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems André Platzer Link
341 Off-Grid Electrical Systems in Developing Countries Henry Louie Link
342 Entertainment Science Thorsten Hennig-Thurau, Mark B. Houston Link
343 Physics of Oscillations and Waves Arnt Inge Vistnes Link
344 Introduction to Programming with Fortran Ian Chivers, Jane Sleightholme Link
345 Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering Manijeh Razeghi Link
346 Introduction to Digital Systems Design Giuliano Donzellini, Luca Oneto, Domenico Ponta, Davide Anguita Link
347 Neural Networks and Deep Learning Charu C. Aggarwal Link
348 Data Science and Predictive Analytics Ivo D. Dinov Link
349 Systems Programming in Unix/Linux K.C. Wang Link
350 Analytical Corporate Finance Angelo Corelli Link
351 Fraud and Corruption Peter C. Kratcoski, Maximilian Edelbacher Link
352 Conferencing and Presentation English for Young Academics Michael Guest Link
353 A Concise Guide to Market Research Marko Sarstedt, Erik Mooi Link
354 Global Supply Chain and Operations Management Dmitry Ivanov, Alexander Tsipoulanidis, Jörn Schönberger Link
355 Introduction to Parallel Computing Roman Trobec, Boštjan Slivnik, Patricio Bulić, Borut Robič Link
356 Mathematical Logic Roman Kossak Link
357 Stability and Control of Linear Systems Andrea Bacciotti Link
358 Introduction to Formal Philosophy Sven Ove Hansson, Vincent F. Hendricks Link
359 Analysis for Computer Scientists Michael Oberguggenberger, Alexander Ostermann Link
360 International Business Management Kamal Fatehi, Jeongho Choi Link
361 Research Methods for the Digital Humanities lewis levenberg, Tai Neilson, David Rheams Link
362 Introductory Computer Forensics Xiaodong Lin Link
363 Control Engineering László Keviczky, Ruth Bars, Jenő Hetthéssy, Csilla Bányász Link
364 Control Engineering: MATLAB Exercises László Keviczky, Ruth Bars, Jenő Hetthéssy, Csilla Bányász Link
365 ENZYMES: Catalysis, Kinetics and Mechanisms N.S. Punekar Link
366 Automatic Control with Experiments Victor Manuel Hernández-Guzmán, Ramón Silva-Ortigoza Link
367 Internet of Things From Hype to Reality Ammar Rayes, Samer Salam Link
368 Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences Daniel Stockemer Link
369 A Pythagorean Introduction to Number Theory Ramin Takloo-Bighash Link
370 Philosophical and Mathematical Logic Harrie de Swart Link
371 Structural Dynamics Mario Paz, Young Hoon Kim Link
372 Plant Physiology, Development and Metabolism Satish C Bhatla, Manju A. Lal Link
373 Quantum Mechanics for Pedestrians 1 Jochen Pade Link
374 Plant Anatomy Richard Crang, Sheila Lyons-Sobaski, Robert Wise Link
375 Quantum Mechanics for Pedestrians 2 Jochen Pade Link
376 Excel Data Analysis Hector Guerrero Link
377 Quick Start Guide to VHDL Brock J. LaMeres Link
378 Java in Two Semesters Quentin Charatan, Aaron Kans Link
379 Managing Media and Digital Organizations Eli M. Noam Link
380 Media and Digital Management Eli M. Noam Link
381 An Anthology of London in Literature, 1558-1914 Geoffrey G. Hiller, Peter L. Groves, Alan F. Dilnot Link
382 Astronautics Ulrich Walter Link
383 Perceptual Organization Stephen Handel Link
384 Research Methods for Social Justice and Equity in Education Kamden K. Strunk, Leslie Ann Locke Link
385 Educational Technology Ronghuai Huang, J. Michael Spector, Junfeng Yang Link
386 Quick Start Guide to Verilog Brock J. LaMeres Link
387 Spine Surgery Bernhard Meyer, Michael Rauschmann Link
388 Introduction to Logic Circuits & Logic Design with VHDL Brock J. LaMeres Link
389 Social Justice Theory and Practice for Social Work Lynelle Watts, David Hodgson Link
390 School Leadership and Educational Change in Singapore Benjamin Wong, Salleh Hairon, Pak Tee Ng Link
391 Digital Business Models Bernd W. Wirtz Link
392 Introduction to Logic Circuits & Logic Design with Verilog Brock J. LaMeres Link
393 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Daan J. A. Crommelin, Robert D. Sindelar, Bernd Meibohm Link
394 Mapping Global Theatre Histories Mark Pizzato Link
395 Social Marketing in Action Debra Z. Basil, Gonzalo Diaz-Meneses, Michael D. Basil Link
396 Analyzing Qualitative Data with MAXQDA Udo Kuckartz, Stefan Rädiker Link
397 Handbook of Evolutionary Research in Archaeology Anna Marie Prentiss Link
398 Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Social Work James W. Drisko, Melissa D. Grady Link
399 Foundations of Behavioral Health Bruce Lubotsky Levin, Ardis Hanson Link
400 Social Psychology in Action Kai Sassenberg, Michael L.W. Vliek Link
401 Essentials of Business Analytics Bhimasankaram Pochiraju, Sridhar Seshadri Link
402 A Course in Rasch Measurement Theory David Andrich, Ida Marais Link
403 Multimedia Big Data Computing for IoT Applications Sudeep Tanwar, Sudhanshu Tyagi, Neeraj Kumar Link
404 Policing and Minority Communities James F. Albrecht, Garth den Heyer, Perry Stanislas Link
405 A Beginners Guide to Python 3 Programming John Hunt Link
406 Advanced Guide to Python 3 Programming John Hunt Link
407 Literature and Medicine Ronald Schleifer, Jerry B. Vannatta Link
408 Food Fraud Prevention John W. Spink Link
409 Plant Ecology Ernst-Detlef Schulze, Erwin Beck, Nina Buchmann, Stephan Clemens, Klaus Müller-Hohenstein, Michael Scherer-Lorenzen Link
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