About Us

Office of Library
The Office of Library facilitates the following:

1. Coordinating with Library Committee:
(a) Arrange Library Committee meetings, Minutes preparation, and managing implementation process; and
(b) Library Annual Budget Management.

2. Providing the following Library Services:
(a) Member Services: Registration of new members, Library orientation to new members, providing assistance in locating reading material, clearance of dues, managing anti-plagiarism software account; and conducting information literacy sessions;
(b) Circulation Services: Issue, Return, Renewal, and Transfer of Library reading material, Overdue fine management, managing replacement of lost books;
(c) Reference & Information Service;
(d) Inter Library Loan & Document Supply Service;
(e) Course Reserves;
(f) Current Awareness Service; and
(g) Digital Library Service.

3. Acquisition & Managing Library Reading Materials:
(a) Vendor Empanelment for supply of Books and Journals;
(b) Acquisition, Technical & Physical Processing of books;
(c) Technical & physical processing of books purchased through Project Funds;
(d) Technical & physical processing of Theses;
(e) Subscription of journal resources & E-Resources Management (ERM)
(f) Coordinating with Library Consortia, and Networks; and
(g) Coordination and liaison with publishers and suppliers.

4. Library Reading Materials Maintenance:
(a) Overall coordination and supervision of stack maintenance and management;
(b) Physical Verification of Library Books; and
(c) Monitoring Circulation and E-Resources Usage Statistics.

5. Technical Services:
(a) Maintenance of Library Management System;
(b) Content development, hosting, organization and management of Library Website;
(c) Development and management of Institutional Digital Repository;
(d) Development and management of Subject Guides Portal; and
(e) Development and management of Faculty Publications Portal.

6. Library Office Management:
(a) Managing Library Contingency; (b) Providing information related to Audit and RTI Queries related to Library;
(c) Maintaining and managing Library Files and Records;
(d) Preparation and update of Library Manual, Library Guide and various forms used in Library;

7. Library Infrastructure:
(a) Coordinating for procuring equipment and furniture for Library.

Additionally, Library also facilitates the following:
8. Content management of Institute Website (including intranet document repository & Faculty Academic Profile database);
9. Preparation of Institute Publications (such as Annual Report, Newsletter, Convocation related documents).

Meet Our Staff

Kshema Prakash

Deputy Librarian

Amit Kumar Soni

Assistant Library Information Officer

Kamleshkumar J. Patel

Assistant Library Information Officer

C. Chhatwani

Assistant Library Information Officer

Atul Kumar Pal

Senior Library Information Assistant

Rinkesh Kumar Mangal

Technical Superintendent