Library General Use Policies

Please know…..

  • Registration to use the library facility and services is automatic for the faculties and staff upon joining the institute; for students upon registration for the courses.
  • Institute’s valid ID Card is required for entering into library; and it should be shown to the security guards posted in both sections (reading room-1001& digital library-cum-circulation-1011);
  • The security guard will also check all personal belongings including library books borrowed by a user.
  • Personal books and reading material are not allowed inside library. They have to be deposited at the property counter.
  • Sanctity of library should be respected by maintaining silence in and around library premises.
  • Use of mobile phones, music players and cameras, and sleeping inside library is strictly prohibited.
  • Eatables are not allowed inside library.
  • Sleeping inside the library premises is strictly prohibited.
  • You are requested to strictly adhere to fair use policy of electronic resources and respect and follow the copyright laws of publishers and consortia.
  • Systematic/robotic downloading and/or distribution of electronic resources are prohibited.
  • Books and other reading material in library have to be handled with care. Users should not write or make any marks in the library material. Tearing, mutilating and dog-earing of library material are considered as offence.


  • Have to bring an authorization letter from your institute;
  • The authorization letter and a valid ID card have to shown in library to use the library services;
  • Please contact the Deputy Librarian at +91-291-2449038 or email to for more details.

You are requested to…

  • Respect and follow library rules and procedures;
  • Cooperate with library staff;
  • Feel free to seek assistance;
  • Maintain discipline and silence;
  • Help keep the library neat and clean;
  • Alert us upon misuse of library resources;
  • Handle library materials with care;
  • Help us improve by providing your valuable feedback and suggestions to

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