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Plagiarism Detection Tool - Turnitin


What is Turnitin?
Turnitin is an online software tool to check the originality of a work and to prevent plagiarism. The tool offers a completely web-based service to manage the process of submitting and tracking papers electronically, providing better and faster feedback to the authors.
Why use an anti-plagiarism tool?
IIT Jodhpur Library provides Turnitin- an Anti-plagiarism software tool to:
1. To facilitate and encourage the quality of research,
2. To prevent authors from intentionally or unintentionally plagiarizing any work.
What are the benefits of this tool?
The following are the benefits of this tool:
1. It does not require any configuration, operating system or specific devices, to access the Turnitin;
2. It is compatible with any device and any operating system;
3. The access is provided through eMail credentials;
4. It preserves the original format of the research paper;
5. It quickly identifies sources of plagiarised material;
6. It supports for multiple file formats (MS Word, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF, and plain text);
7. It has bibliography and Quotation filters;
8. It encourages students to think about their referencing and citation skills;
9. When used as part of the development of academic writing skills, it helps prevent against accidental plagiarism; 
10. It acts as a deterrent against plagiarism; and
11. It works as a real aid to marking by highlighting where students have referenced correctly and used the work of others well.
Who can use this facility?
The following Library members are entitled to use this service:
1. Currently registered students (through their respective Faculty Members or Library);
2. Faculty Members; and
3. Staff members

How to log in?
To use this facility, please follow the steps below:
1. Login to the IIT Jodhpur Library Website (library.iitj.ac.in);
2. Go to “Electronic Resources” tab;
3. Click on “Plagiarism Check” or follow http://turnitin.com;
4. Faculty Members can log-in with their credentials, who have registered with Turnitin - as an Instructor;
5. Students may request to Respective Faculty Member to check similarity index of their work


How to prevent plagiarism?
Please note the following points regarding plagiarism and its prevention.
1. Plagiarism is, using and presenting someone else’s ideas, work, writing, research etc. for their own purpose. It is an offense. It is advised to strictly avoid plagiarising any ideas, writings, data or others’ creation by following certain good practices because somebody must have put in a lot of effort to present their ideas.
2. If you need to refer and quote any such works in your publications or literary work, please acknowledge them by according proper citation in your work. Reference managers (like Mendeley and Zotero) can be used for reference management and citation.
3. It is advised to protect your intellectual property of publications, designs, and products through copyright, trademarks, and patents.
4. Please pass your research work through the anti-plagiarism software licensed by the Institute, before publishing.